As a leader you need overview, a clear perspective, and the appropriate tools for your best decissions. A good self reflection in the daily work life allows personal growth and leadership by example. During the past 20+ years I supported and trained leaders in enterprises and organizations. For your leadership questions you can rely on me as a stable and inspiring partner. My conviction: There are always solutions - the key for most of them lies in your own (hidden) ressources and competences.

I prepare young management potentials for their new tasks with programs that are well integrated with other development activities of the respective organization. In more than 15 years of design and roll out of such programs, integrated project tasks and coaching elements have proven successful in helping to put new learnings into practice.

Some examples of focus seminars:

  • Changemanagement for leaders – practical tools and approaches
  • Leading appraisal interviews - developing competences
  • Braintalk – Neuroscience findings in leadership practise

For individual subjects of single leaders the format of coaching often is the best option

Seminar offer in german language:

Systemic Leadership -
utilizing neuroscience and systemic perspectives

Duration: 3 days
Start: 4. November 2020
Where: Cologne, Germany

I invite you to reflect your actual leadership practise with systemic and neuroscience perspectives!

-->Bildungsurlaub "Systemisch Führen" in Köln