Systemic concepts and a systemic attitude are core of my work with my customers. Here are some informations on my approaches and understanding when working with people and organizations.

Systemic work originally was developed in the setting of family therapy. Many experts have and still do contribute to this approach with their experience and concepts. Since then systemic approaches have been introduced into organizations, companies and public service. They have proven to be very useful to develop powerful solutions. One mayor initial change in attitude towards clients was to stop distinguishing behaviors between good and bad, but to perceive them as appropriate solutions within a certain environment and time.

Acting Individuals as Parts of Systems

Specific challenges and activities are not only seen as a result of a single persons behavior or attitude. They are also seen as a result of interactions and communication of and with the people around him or her (i.e. close collegues, managers, employees, customers, family members, friends), the culture of the organization, the actual market situation etc..

Systemic Attitude

The systemic paradigm is based on different assumptions and concepts. I.e.:

  • I perceive reality as as individually distinct and not as one definite truth, that has to be found. Accordingly I see complexity as an integral and accepted aspect when working with humans and organizations.
  • I see people as experts in their own affairs. This is why I see myself as a partners who supports solutions which originate from the clients ideas and ressources. To stimulate new self organization is my focus.
  • I understand situations as recursive processes. That makes it useless to search for THE cause. I replace the question " Who was it?" by questions as "What did each of us contribute to this development? Who more, who less, in which roles? What do we want to change - in what way?"
  • I appreciate previous solutions of my customers. I help stimulate ressources and skills of the supported venture to develop suiting next steps from the organizations capabilities.